2 year wait for Hazard Reduction terrifies Kurrajong Heights’ fire-besieged community.


The Kurrajong Heights community was spared in the massive fires that engulfed New South Wales in December, but they had only escaped by the skin of their teeth.

A 52 year veteran of the RFS, Brian Williams came forward to Nine News telling them of the ordeal that was achieving approval for a hazard reduction burn.

“Took us over 2 and a half years from the time we applied to the time we got permission. An to even get permission we needed to engage an external consultant.”

His brigade finally got approval this august, just mere months before the giant Gosper’s Mountain fire roared towards their community.

“There needs to be some serious questions asked about how we manage fuel loads into the future,” he said. Brian Williams is the Kurrajong Heights RFS Captain.

“Took us over 2 and a half years from the time we applied to the time we got permission.

This nightmarish ordeal, struggling to get approval for a Hazard Reduction burn is something that residents of local country communities have been seeing happen across the country.

Local resident Carol had this to say,  “Communities are upset, and to place the blame on communities and to use weasel words like ‘we support hazard reduction’ is just not good enough. We need to streamline the processes to make it easier for our RFS to keep us safe”

The Kurrajong Heights Community of 500 homes was put in real danger by the intentionally slow and ominous requirements and procedure for getting approval for hazard reduction burns.

The ‘Bellbird Hazard Reduction’ is scheduled to go ahead on Saturday 3rd August, 2019.This is a 14ha area which we…

Posted by Kurrajong Heights Rural Fire Service on Thursday, 18 July 2019

Such a small burn requiring such huge requirements is unacceptable in modern Australia, which has to contend with unprecedented fire activity.


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